Saturday, June 27, 2009

eco chic notecards

eco-friendly flowers and leaves (printed on recycled kraft cover stock paper!)

So I'm a fan of the stationary shop, Baumbirdy. Like a huge fan. I've already written about them here when I discovered their beautifully unique wedding invitations. And while browsing their Etsy boutique this morning I fell in love (again) with their stationary line...cutest notecards ever.

I'm a letter writter. I have a drawer full of notecards that I collect and send to my chums and family. I save my favorite designs and most special cards for the notes I send my grandparents in South Dakota, and the one's I send to my parents. My mom saves all the notes I write her...(the designs are too pretty for her to throw away!) I keep my favorite notes and postcards that people send me too...hang 'em up on my wire card holder on a wall in our office. It's plum full. I love that.

hint of nature (I love this one best....these patterns are great!)


hearts (printed on recycled kraft weight paper!)

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