Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the pictures are in

I don't know if I'm a fan of putting pictures of myself on the blog...but what the heck.

Johanna, the photographer behind A Sophisticated View Photography, and her husband, Andrew, are friends of mine from college (we were actually all in a wedding together last weekend!). The duo and I set out a couple Sundays back at the break of dawn (not really, but it felt like it at 5:45am) to go snap some shots of me in a white dress. I had a little prop box with a birdcage veil, a flower, some turquoise jewelry, and lip gloss and we set out for a morning of photographic inquiry! It was sooo fun! Highly recommend the experience.

It's so nice that I have a handful of these images...is that narcissistic? Perhaps, but like I care. I actually loved so many of them I was really surprised~ I'm typically wicked awkward in front of a camera...so I was elated that they captured so many images that I actually liked!! I HUGELY recommend Johanna if you are in the Phoenix area - she is wonderful (and not just because she happens to be my bud...but because she is a totally legit photographer!)

Some interesting things I learned about myself:
1. I flippin' love wearing that hair flower!
2. I'm typically attracted to black + white photos, but I really liked these in color!
3. I prefer the close ups over distance pics (this really surprised me)
4. I absolutely suck at posing, the photog has to just capture me "living" or I have to smile at the camera head on.
5. Photos are more important to me than I thought.
6. My dress will work for the wedding and I don't need a new one.
7. My Navajo turquoise bracelet from Santa Fe might be my favorite jewelry piece.
8. My Navajo turquoise ring from northern Arizona is my second favorite jewelry piece.
9. I really hope my hair grows longer before next May.
10. Taking pictures with My Guy is going to be a joke...I have no idea how we will pull off being serious.
11. My work outs need to get a big more hard core.
12. My frizzy curls and freckled skin are so totally me!
13. Drinking a lil bubbly and taking pictures sound like the perfect combination.
14. The photographer better have a rad personality - it's so much more fun!
15. Papago park is the prettiest place in Phoenix.

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  1. fun! you look adorable. did you try wearing the flower at the base of the veil? i wonder if that would work... also have you thought about having your friend who did these shots being your wedding day photographer?

  2. wow... LOVE the flower!! So big bold and beautiful!! you look awesome... and PS... your workout routine is obviously working as is!! I echo the Q of C.M.G... can't these guys be your wedding photogs??

  3. OMG! you are so totally adorable!!! the one with the blue background is very Carrie Bradshaw. i love the huge flower, and oh, that bracelet is magnificent!

  4. Is your engagement ring turquoise!? I love that.

  5. Ahhhhhhhhh, youre so pretty!

    Miss your face, more than ever now. I think your hair and freckles are super duper lovely (and id like to see a full shot of the dress :)


  6. I love love love love your pictures! They came out really beautiful, you look totally natural, happy, and comfortable.

  7. You look fantastic!! Totally happy and beautiful!

  8. stunning!!! You look so glamorous :)

  9. Quite stunning! We're loving that flower!

  10. Gorgeous pictures, and that bracelet is stunning! I can see why it's your favorite.

  11. Yes, those photos are definitely YOU. I especially like that third one of you looking up with the blue flowers all around you. Lovely.

    Your hair is gorgeous, by the way.

  12. Wow, you are gorgeous! The flower, the veil, the freckles, and you definitely have the Carrie Bradshaw thing going on in the pic with the birdcage veil and the ring. I dream of having pics as beautiful as yours. Rock on! http://bride-to-bekatyd.blogspot.com/

  13. Yes I totally felt weird posting a picture of myself on my blog. Its just so not me to want to be in front of the camera. I much prefer to be behind it.

  14. girl! the prettiest pictures ever!!!!!!!!!!! love em!

  15. I am so happy you put these pictures up!!! They are beautiful! I love that others are comparing you to Carrie Bradshaw's style. You are so hip and cool.

  16. You look so fantastic!!! gorgeous freckles, curls and smile! That you had pre-photos taken is in no way narcissistic. I really want to do a little comfort session with my photographer, just to get a feel for being the center of the camera all day long. and why, why, why are you not choosing this lovely photographer to do your wedding?

  17. the hair flower is perfect! you look amazing!

  18. HOLY CRAP YOURE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I love you Miss! Perfect flower!!

  19. Beautiful! You ar purdy!

    Love the hair and the turquoise. I want that bracelet!



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