Saturday, October 31, 2009

fairy costumed wedding

There is something magical about Halloween, where people can get a little more opulent and crazy...imaginations are supposed to run a lil more rampant than normal. Even for those October 31st weddings.

This is a photo shoot I spotted on Kiss The Groom, it's not a real wedding...but it's very creative...and more like a magical ethereal take on what I would think a Halloween wedding could be, as opposed to blood and gore - which would actually be really fun. Ummm... come to think of it, I would probably feel more comfortable dressed up as a blood sucking zombie than a princess fairy...but that's just me. But isn't this forest space so INCREDIBLE?

*Unrelated news: today I move to my new home in upstate New York (not without a weekend stay with friends in DC first!). I'm so bummed to leave Philadelphia. This place grew on me and I fell for it hard. What a GREAT place this is to live and explore. I'm glad I was able to weave this experience into my life - what an adventure. I'd like to live here someday.

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  1. I'm so sad that wasn't a real wedding! What gorgeous costumes!



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