Monday, November 2, 2009

real life: woodsy wedding

This is a wedding after my own heart. I love it. Every detail. I love that it's in the woods - literally - in the woods (it's at the home of the bride and the details here at Lake Jane). I love that it is simple...and oh so lovely. This is the most "me and my guy" wedding I've seen on the web in a long while. Found at Lake Jane, via Veiled Vows.

Let's take a moment and catch our breath after gazing at that bride. I'm excited about my own strapless dress once again...and I love that her hair is down and her curls are out in full force...maybe I'll wear mine down too...I realllllly love her "this is what I look like in real life" look.

Super simple, super sweet table decor - a few mini blooms, a couple votives, and antlers on burlap. Perfect.
What a great great wedding.


  1. They have their own woods? I would have to hate them if they weren't so damn adorable.

    This wedding melts my icy heart.

  2. Did Peonie herself just comment on my lil blog? omg...that. is. so. cool.



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