Thursday, February 4, 2010

honeymoon dreams

Tommy and I set out to organize our honeymoon road-trip extravaganza a lil while back. Our dream was to road trip it out west, and then make our way across the country to our new home back east.

We would plan to camp out in our beautiful national parks and every couple days stay in a luxurious resort (thanks to my parent's time share points!). The road trip included such incredible locations as the north rim of the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Antelope Island, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons National Park, Mt. Rushmore, the Black Hills of South Dakota and more. *squeal!*

The Grand Canyon (north rim! never been there!)

WE WERE STOKED! It's pretty much all I could talk about for days.

And then we found out it wouldn't work that way.

And I was devastated for an hour or so.

Back to the drawing board.

*We already have some ideas to explore. And we aren't bummed or sad or let down. We will see those places someday :-) and WE ARE STILL STOKED FOR WHATEVER ADVENTURE COMES OUR WAY!!


  1. thats a trip people rarely make in thier lifetime, that would be amazing!

  2. what a beautiful trip that would be

  3. Our honeymoon plans aren't quite working out as planned either - we had our hearts set on Mexico but now we might do the road trip deal. Our issue is we only have about 6 days so it would be mini road trip so I'd almost rather say in one spot. We are trying to figure it all out now but it's creating a little bit of stress.

  4. wherever you end up trekking to ... you'll be with your hunny on your honeymoon!! love the sounds of the itinerary, excited to hear the other ideas :)

  5. we're looking at taking Amtrak from Denver to San Francisco via Salt Lake. We'd wanted to go north to Vancouver via Portland and then Seattle, but that's looking to be prohibitively expensive so now we're looking into the California rail pass and heading south (much warmer in Oct. anyway). Plans change, but the idea is to relax and do something new together

  6. Our honeymoon plans kinda fell through too. . . but has some great houses to rent! I've been looking on there for some ideas . . .

    It will be fantastic whatever you do!

  7. Oh no! Will you still get to do at least some of the road trip or do you have to cancel it all together? I'm glad you posted those places though, some of them I've never heard of and we want to explore places on our way back after our wedding.

  8. This sounds like so much fun. That is what we want too a big adventure!



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