Wednesday, February 3, 2010

postage paid

As we sent out our invitations last week (whew!) I only then thought about the postage stamps we would use. For some reason, I just assumed that there would be some great "nature" type postage stamps available, since I seem to remember there always being some stamp of some quantity having birds on it, or wildflowers, or something.

Nope. Nothing like that. I even searched through alllll the different lower priced stamps, to see if we could combine several stamps together (I know I know, this would have probably had to be a "project" that took collecting for many months on Ebay or something - which I never would have done in the first place). Let's just say, that my "nature" options were not that great. There were a couple higher priced stamps of mountains...but rather expensive...if 98 cents per stamp is expensive (ummm...yes...) So we opted for my current fave stamp set...the King & Queen of Hearts.

Pretty stinkin' cute for stamps 'eh? But since each of our envelopes only needed 44 cent postage, the lil love duo had to be separated...which affected me for like 1 second.

And while browsing the 2010 stamps that are set to come out this year - I got a lil jealous - 'cuz there are some goodies:

Hello perfect stamps of conifer branches. You would have been delightful on our invitation envelopes. Not that anyone would have noticed but me :-)

Or what about you fine fellows...abstract expressionism makes my knees wobble I love you so much. How awesome would I felt slapping a Rothko or Pollock on our invites?
Really really awesome.


  1. I loooooove those King and Queen stamps, as does a lot of other brides in the blog-o-sphere, I've seen them everywhere. I'm ticked because I don't think I can get them in Canada.

  2. i totally almost bought the king/queen stamps last time I was at the post office but the Forever stamps fit so perfectly in my wallet... practicality won out :(

  3. so cute...i would've been heartbroken too to separate them... :) great choice!

  4. Our envelopes were thick and square and actually recquired the 98 cents... we used those mountain ones and it looked soooo great and went so well with our colors (purple and orange) and our White Mountain wedding. We used the King and Queen ones on our RSVP cards.

    Love them!

  5. I like the conifers, but the king and king seem to have the same colors as your invitation.

  6. We did the king and queen as well. they are just so cute. The addition of the conifers is lovely!

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  8. We sent our invitations this morning using the queen and king of hearts as well. Love them! They match our envelopes perfectly!



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