Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wedding wish wednesday: #25 slow down

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Those of you who have been following my blog from the beginning know our journey has been a great one. When I started this blog, my Tommy and I were planning our wedding in secret (because, about it here). After we "officially" became engaged I was in full on wedding planning mode (in between medical exams, out of state hospital externships and Tommy's grad school graduation). Because so much was going on in my "real life" every time I sat down to "wedding plan" I felt like I was sprinting from project to project...frantically attempting to get all the details set so my life could resume (but of course, enjoying it all as I went!)

And now, here I am, FOUR months away from saying our "I Do's" and the event is pretty much all coordinated. We have a few details to iron out...but they will get done (and if they don''s aiight). I just can't get over that I fell for this life of wedding planning. It's been a beautiful experience to plan this lil party of ours- this wonderful, elaborately simple, colorful, tasty, spiritual occasion celebrating our love for each other.

I'm glad that the bulk of our planning is done. I want to slow down* and enjoy the view from this side.

*note: I would slow down if my medical school rotations weren't attempting to kill me. Like...they are literally taking the life right out of me. Worst. Rotation. Ever. General Surgery sucks.


  1. So glad you got the main planning done before this rotation from hell. ;-)

  2. Holy Cow!! you are on it! I'm 10 days away and still don't know what I'm doing for centerpieces!

  3. Your post today inspired my post for tomorrow and I mentioned you in it. Ruthy is are on top of it. Good for you! I think your wedding is very close to mine and I feel like there is so much left to do and so many i's to dot and t's to cross. If you have the time now enjoy it with each other - my one regret is not really soaking up all that engagement bliss right after the proposal. I was on cloud 9 but it wasn't long before I started planning away at the wedding. I think ti's probably good to have time before the planning and time after and before the wedding to just enjoy this special time together. Have fun!



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