Thursday, February 11, 2010

snappy dressed dudes

I don't think it will be tricky to dress up a bunch of good looking guys for our shin dig.

My thoughts:

- Suits: wearing their own suits was a possibility...I was all for it after I saw a few weddings where this was done...looked amazing. Except a couple of the guys don't own their own suits, and this could get really costly for them to go BUY a suit for our wedding.

- Suspenders: charming idea really. But the more I thought about it, it would be tricky to have the boys all wear the same colored pants and shirts. I became skeptical of pulling it off. But let it be known that Tommy DUG this idea.

- Vests: My fave trendy look. Except, again, expense plays a part as the vests would need to be purchased (as "renting" pants and vests aren't possible). But I still love love this idea. (my future hubby isn't totally "into" the vest look...he digs it....but....he doesn't exactly "swoon" over it like I do...soooo...

- Tux rentals: totally not where we thought our simple mountain wedding would go. We weren't anticipating formal. We were anticipating relaxed wardrobe...not red carpet (even though the men that walk the red carpet are GORGEOUS in their black tuxes).

And obviously, what the dudes wear are up to my Groom...sort of...but mostly.

Tux rentals ended up being the easiest...and the most cost efficient. Who woulda guessed? The groomsmen will all look wildly classy. Plus, we went with Mens Warehouse which has zillions of rental places across the country. It will be easier for the guys to go and get measured and rent their duds (including shoes!) and pick 'em up in Vegas before heading to Flagstaff for the wedding. (or at least we are crossing our fingers it will be easy anyway).

It took Tommy like 2 seconds to make his selections.
One button black tux - check
Black tie - check
No cummerbund - check
Vest - check (yay!)
Black shoes - check

And then we left.

Could it really be that easy?

Lucky gents.


  1. We briefly considered vests, too. Two of the groomsmen were all about it. But it was too much of a burden to put on the other guys who dont even want to wear something uniform.
    Tuxes are very dashing.
    We are doing khakis and white shirts. Simple.

  2. Oh how I wish our venture at Men's Wearhouse were that quick and easy! Mr Fix It and his brother (Best Man) ended up spending almost 2 hours trying to figure out what they wanted everyone to wear! UGH! They ended up with black tuxes, ties (in 2 different colors), vests (in same 2 dif colors) and the rest of the shabang.

    Your pic up there makes me so excited to see our 4 ring bearers in their cute little tuxes! It will be so fun. Glad it was so easy on you. I agree, the tuxes seemed the easiest route.

  3. Billy got his tux at the same place- a Calvin Klein- he looked quite dapper! Never thought my guys would wear tuxes wither- but amazingly YES it is the easiest to coordinate with everyone in different places.



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