Friday, March 26, 2010

elizabeth dye dreams come true

this is the one that I would float away in...Persuasion...i love this dreamy...but alas...

I have my dress (see it here) . She's a simple little thing....really plain...nothing really special in all honesty...but she fits me fine. There are things I like about her - the ivory coloring...the soft texture of the silk...and this teeny tiny detail 5 or so inches from the hem that I get a kick out of. I've even grown to appreciate my craziness in her acquisition...despite experiencing pangs of dress regret like so many...this dress and I have been on a journey together already...and I haven't even gotten married yet!

Except, she was missing something.

I was brainstorming ideas of how make her a lil more special. I had been in search for months and months for a belt (or sash or embellishment) and just never really found anything that made me stop breathing.

Except for Elizabeth Dye. Her handmade dresses are so divine I can't help but stalk her blog. If I REALLY had my way, I'd be wearing one of her designs (preferably her Persuasion dress, pictured at the top...dear Lord that's a beauty).

So I thought...why not? Why can't I wear Elizabeth Dye on my wedding day? So I held my breath and emailed her. She emailed me back - which was madness because she is a total celebrity to me...and I jumped up and down. A lot. I jumped up and down a lot.

Turns out, yes, she does take custom orders...and yes...she does make sashes. And. Yes. She is making my sash.



Take a look at her breathtaking 2010 collection. Amazing.


  1. That's awesome! Her stuff looks amazing, I think it'll be exactly the little pinch of spice you're looking for.

  2. awesome idea lady! can't wait to see the gorgeous sash!

  3. The Persuasion dress is my favorite too and high on my potential wedding dress list. Oh how exciting about the sash! YAY!

  4. Yay! How exciting. I can't wait to see the result!

  5. congrats and...amazing! I've been drooling over the same dress in my ongoing dress regret lust sessions. i dont think i believe in buying another dress, or a new dress, but if i did and i wasnt so stubborn The Persuasion would be mine. can't wait to see the sash!

  6. First, LOVE your taste. Second, AWESOMENESS!! So happy for you!

  7. She is a total sweatheart! I'm so happy she is making your sash! We met over a possible dress re-do but I decided on a new dress instead. Lucky you!

  8. I never get tired of seeing her dresses. I even thought briefly of begging her for some sort of internship, but she's 3 hours away.

  9. love her work! I think she should totally hook you up with a dress!!


    My dress is very simple, too. I am having a seamstress replace the satin buttons with vintage gold buttons in the back, and I had her cut that down a bit to show a bit more back, too. I had a few other "special" things done...

    Can't wait to see what the sash looks like! I, too, am in search of a sash or rosette-something to place around/at my waist...

  11. Brilliant idea! Every time I see photos of Elizabeth Dye dresses, I try to figure out exactly how wrong it would be to just *buy one*... even if they're way out of my budget, even if I already have a dress that I like (or hope I'll like - not finished yet). Yeah, not gonna happen. But it's fun to dream.

    A belt is great way of getting some of that amazing style - I can't wait to see how it turns out!!

  12. This was the first dress store I stepped into after I was engaged. I didn't even know much about it but got some great advice from my sister-in law who lives in Portland. I went in on my own but the whole engagement was so new and I was not actually ready to try on dresses just then. Let me just tell you they are even better to see in person!



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