Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wedding wish wednesday #28: be myself

With 74 days (eek!) till we say our "I Do's" I find myself thinking more about my look than ever. The minutia, like - what my hair will look like, how I'll do my makeup, my jewelry, shoes, yada yada. Of course, I've thought a lil bit about these things over the past few months, but now it's almost here and I need to figure this stuff out. And I'm sorta nervous.

Sometimes it sounds so appealing to buy the heavy makeup that covers alllllll my freckles, add the fake eyelashes, a spray tan, some hair extensions to put back what I cut off a few months back...wear a few pairs of spanx after living off of water for 2 weeks...stick a veil on my head and call it a bride. These things have all crossed my's sorta sad to admit that.

There has been some great discussions of beauty around the bridal blog community - (A Los Angeles Love, Anna and the Ring, August and After) I just find it all so inspiring. A great excerpt (the whole dang post is amazing) from A Los Angeles Love:

On your wedding day, your face will scrunch up with emotion. Your makeup will run. You will forget anyone else is in the room besides this person who you are entirely and utterly in love with. Simply put, you will be resplendent in utterly beatific joy. And why would you want it any other way?

After thinking about it all, really thinking about it all...I know I will be happier to be me on my wedding day...not an impersonator....not someone I don't recognize. I don't want to stress about this silly stuff any more. It's exhausting. Especially when there is so much life out there to enjoy. I refuse to waste precious moments fretting over this any more. I'll be myself...complete with my goofy leaps, jigs, and facial expressions (these things just happen...I tend to have zero control over them anyway).

It's our wedding. Not a wedding carefully executed for a blog entry. Not a wedding designed to inspire the masses. Just a day where I marry the one I can't live without, surrounded by the people who love us most. End of story.


  1. I HAVE to comment.

    First, you are pretty. Second, your makeup in your bridal photos was PERFECT right down to your shade of lipstick. Third, you do want to recognise yourself years from now, don't you? ;-)

  2. eh. i wrote this post while in a fit of bad self esteem. i thought about deleting it...but felt like it's all part of the journey so i kept it in here.

  3. On my wedding day I wore a little bit heavier make up than I normally do, my photographer said to wear it a little heavier for the photos. My normal makeup routine is very light, so I really didn't have much on. My hair was simple as well. I used a tiara (sorta of as a headband) and wore a veil behind that. And I had lots of fun!



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