Thursday, April 15, 2010

our venue's views

Was cleaning out my camera this weekend and found a handful of images from SnowBowl that I took earlier in the year. Tommy and I decided to make one last trek up the mountain to check out a couple things, hang with my fam, and spy on our venue. Remember my lil fit about them taking the big beautiful stone fireplace down??? Well, I wanted to see what the end result was.

And it looks fine - the space is bigger...and now the dancing will just have to be up in everyone's face. No big. And the lights stay...which kinda rocks on saving us set-up headache. *note:  you can see the rustic looking chair on the far left....they have been replace with "normal" chairs...which broke my heart a little bit.  And the intimate rustic tables that seat 6...they  have been replaced with modern wedding banquet tables...big round things that require tablecloths.  I didn't want to use tablecloths.  BUT - it will go will still work...and it will still be lovely.  Just a lil different than we imagined.

We are not getting married here because we love the physical structure of's not really anything to get excited about's a simple and utilitarian ski lodge...not an extravagant resort.

But the views. Ohmygosh the views.

Congratulations to Paula for winning the 50 Custom Greeting Cards from UPrinting!!
(PLEASE email me ASAP to get you hooked up with your cards!!)


  1. Gorgeous! And you've good a great attitude about the table and chairs switch out -- I'm trying to channel that!

  2. seriously great views! i'm missing flagstaff right now!

    and....what a cool story of finding my photographers blog! how cool! :)

  3. Beautiful and so fitting for A Mountain Bride!

  4. @ Anonymous:

    I did not exactly have a great attitude about the table and chairs...I pissed and moaned about it to almost anyone within earshot for a few days. Now I'm a bit settled...and I realize it's not the hugest deal in the world. Though...I'm still a lil bummed.

  5. Yea! Beautiful Snowbowl!!!

  6. eeks. The chairs. Um, that's the reason a lot of brides book that place. They don't get it obviously. I'm sad about the fire place as well. It was a huge thing in the middle of the room but also a "feature" and kinda cool BUT it was weird to have the dance floor on the other side of the room. I bet it seems HUGE now.



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