Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my badass bachelorette party

*not the best scan ever...but this picture cracks me up and I had to share!

What happens in Vegas is suppose to stay in Vegas.  Except, there are a few things I wanted to let you in on because my weekend rocked harder than any other weekend ever:

1. I totally wore a pink feathery blinking tiara.  Yes I did.
2. I wore a blinking garter.  Yup.
3. Experienced The Thunder From Down Under.  Life changing OHMYGOD!
4. Wore pink...wore beads...wore more blinking stuff...and a sash...and loved it all!  I realized I needed to quit taking it all so seriously - and just wear whatever my girls wanted me to wear. :-)

*these are my beautiful sisters and cousins (but cousins that are more like sisters)*
I'm sortof a freak shiny dark hair, or big brown eyes, or olive skin....

5. I lost my voice...(screaming at the shirtless Australians I bet.) 
6. Fell in love with my besties all over again.
7. Rediscovered Jagerbombs.
8. Confirmed, once again, that my friends/sisters are seriously, the funnest freaking people ever.
9. Cutting the line at clubs, no covers, free champagne, free group shots, and getting put on "VIP lists" is the best thing ever (and thanks to the swagger of  my sister Ellen and cousin Jamie that happened everywhere we went.  I'm traditionally a "stand in line and wait your turn" kinda gal...but not in Vegas.

 *a couple of my favorites ladies*

10. My girls are as excited for my wedding as I am!  Which feels heavenly.
11. DEFINITELY one of the best weekends of my entire life.
12. I forgot how flipping amazing CLUBBING is!  (believe me, I'm more of a pub crawl kinda girl than a clubbing kinda girl...but damn...I think I could get back into clubbing.
13. Minimal male genitalia decor was involved...because they know me...(and probably read my blog...nice) 
14.  We looked hot.  I wore girls all wore black...we were sexy as hell.  
15.  Weekend bachelorette parties are totally a luxury...because instead of just ONE night out, we had TWO nights out!  Holla!
15. I cannot cannot cannot wait to go back to Vegas for the NEXT bachelorette party!

 *these two flew in to get their party on with me...I'm a lucky girl!

 *I've known Kami since we were in preschool ...she is totally responsible for planning the awesomeness of the weekend!  She went over and beyond with this lil decorations, a bling BRIDE tank top for me to sport, she secured our rad show tickets and made giftbags full of beads, blinking rings, decorated coozies, and treats for each girl!  Totally made everyone feel special and super excited.  I've never been to a bach party like this!


ohmygod I get married in EIGHTEEN DAYS.


  1. OMG - cracking me up. Always wanted to go to the Thunder Down Under show in Vegas...seems it lived up to it's reputation.

  2. oh my! thunder from down under...looks epic!!! you are getting married so soon gorgeous!!!! enjoy these last few weeks ;-)

  3. Ooooooh, this looks like so much fun and makes me so excited for mine!! So glad you had such a wonderful time!

  4. Now what happen in Vegas, stays online ;-) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Looks Fun!!!!!! You all looked like you had a great time!!!!! I've went when I was 19.....and it scared me :)

  6. OMG. I die. That first picture is priceless. All your pictures are great and I'm jealous of the blinking rings.

  7. Looks like you had a fantastic time! I had a chance to visit a couple of girlfriends in Vegas a few weekends again. Albeit, it would have just been for a day... but I still feel like I missed out.

  8. haha!!!!! looks like you had a fabulous weekend, good for you!

  9. I've been to vegas for one bachelorette party and it was da bomb dot com. Looks like yours was too...clubbing in vegas is seriously the best. so glad you had such a great time...and that you can remember it! :)



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