Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the to-do's before our i do's

Really...what have I been doing?  Because we are less than 20 days until the wedding and we have a lot to do.  I'm trying to be chill about it all - what won't get done, just won't get done, so I'm not going to get all ridiculous about it.  I just need to list out what I need to do...and maybe, by writing it down on here, it will help me focus?  Yea.  It will help me focus.  (Sometimes, when there is a LOT to do, I find myself sitting quietly...not doing anything....weird right?)

- compose our vows
- coordinate our ceremony timeline
- establish our wedding weekend timeline
- plan rehearsal dinner (who/how/where?)
- talk to the photographers
- fill out the DJ paperwork
- fill out the videographer paperwork (did I mention we got one??)
- talk to the venue coordinator
- make table identifiers
- create the seating chart - uggh!
- place cards?
- make ceremony programs
- finalize menu
- contact the folks who haven't RSVP'd yet
- find buckets for the flowers
- buy flower prep "stuff"
- create out of town bags 
- make/find Flagstaff maps (why am I such a freak?  I want to draw them...seriously...freak)
- figure out exactly how many mason jars/candlesticks/candles we have
- pack for the honeymoon (this can actually wait)
- pack for our move to NY
- take a few carloads to the Goodwill
- work on Tommy's wedding gift (love this!!)
- get my hair trimmed 
- figure out a hair style (I actually made a trial run appointment...doy.)
- breathe
- kiss my fiance

What am I forgetting??


  1. Wow, it sounds like you have a lot to do but if you pace yourself and breathe like you said, you can definitely do it.

  2. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU. Call the RSVPs first - you need numbers before you can proceed. Then organize Rehearsal Dinner. Then inventory candle holders and mason jars. Then go shopping for all supplies. Then do Goodwill trips and clean house. Then do the seating chart and time lines. Then fill out paperwork and talk to vendors and finalize menu. Then craft anything needing crafting. Then compose vows. Don't forget to take numerous breaks. THERE! I just organized your life from more than 1,000 miles away. You can thank me later. LOL ;)

  3. Looks like my to-do list but I have a lot of shipping to include on my list as well. And if I keep adding on new projects I'll never finish. Hmmmm, wedding gift for hubby? I have no idea what to do for this without spending an arm and a leg (for camera equipment he wants). What are you doing??

  4. Pick up your marriage license? ;) Not sure what the time frame is there, but that might be key. I think the last two are the most important... along with contacting those that haven't RSVP'd.

  5. Yes, I second the getting of the marriage license if you haven't already. I'd also suggest crossing things off the list that don't *need* to happen, and delegating jobs to other people. You'll get it done!

  6. I would move the last two items up to the top of the list.

  7. A bubble bath with scented products and a pedicure. :D

    I love that photo from 100 Layer Cake too! The braids are lovely.

  8. Geez Louise. That made me dizzy!

    I just wanted to note that I am a bridesmaid in a wedding around the time of yours. And I really appreciated getting the timeline for the wedding weekend in advance so that I could plans with family/friends around the wedding schedule. It is a courtesy that I'm sure your bridal party will appreciate. Also, your vendors might need it too!

    Best of luck.

  9. Oh the dreaded list at the end. Take esb's advice and get a big sharpie and cross off three things (not breathing and kissing- these are necessary). Done. I agree with the figuring out the RSVP's first. Can you outsource this to mom or sis? Can you outsource anything else like OOT bags (heck, just cross this off and make copies of the itinerary, that is all anyone really needs).

  10. I'd say get rid of the programs, but I know you said you really like programs. ;)

  11. Good luck! Definitely outsource if you can! Definitely agree with Lori - get the numbers in! Stuff like the rehearsal dinner is easy and Tommy can count the number of vases/jars.

    We had no place cards and open seating worked out really well. Start dropping or assigning stuff and yes, breathing, hugging, and smiling are necessary!

  12. At first it looks like a crazy long list, but it's way shorter than when you started!!!! Congrats on getting this far!!!! and breathe....thanks for the reminder :)

  13. um....i must say you are incredibly organized...if there is something you're missing, i'm sure its not that important!! I'm so excited for you!!

  14. Yup, breathing and kissing one's partner are both key. And kudos to the Ginger Bride for pointing out the victories!

  15. enjoy all the time you are using in all the preparations, because it´s fly away before you notice....i get married 3 weeks ago....all was truly awesome....so people say....
    best luck with your wedding and please, please, please, don´t forget to enjoy it!!!



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