Thursday, May 13, 2010

my bridal bracelet + a lil diy

Remember my lil post awhile back showcasing this lacy sterling silver beauty?  Well, at $85 it was a tad out of my budget.   But I was SO in love with it.  I emailed the artist of Hot Rocks Jewelry, her name is Susan, and inquired if she could/would consider creating a bracelet with a similar look, yet without the dazzling pearls and crystals at a reduced price.  That's what is cool about working with least that was cool about working with Susan!  She was able to work within my price range...which was AMAZING!  She was such a sweetheart and wanted to make sure that my bracelet was exactly how I wanted it to look.  (It's even prettier in real life!!)

Then I took my new sterling silver bracelet to a local bead store while I was living down in Tucson.  Originally, I was going to add a couple of the pearl button/beads from my mother's wedding dress to the bracelet.  But despite our efforts, it wasn't going to work.  So, the lady behind the counter taught me how to string beads onto my bracelet.  So I learned a skill!!  I bought a few Czech glass beads, a couple Swarofski crystals, and added them to the bracelet myself.  Now I'm somewhat addicted to beading...a new hobby!  Just what I need.

These were taken with my phone (which broke in I have to buy a new one...awesome.)

  - the lady at the shop let me borrow all the tools I would need....I love nice people.

- then I laid out all of the pretty lil beads.

- and I wrapped away!  I LOVE NEW SKILLS!!!

I like how it turned out!!  

*Thank you thank you thank you Susan!!  It's absolute perfection!


  1. So pretty!!!!! I also took up jewelry making just for my wedding!!!! I can't believe how easy it really is.

  2. I LOVE this! Both the bracelet and the process! That is so a bracelet I need... it matches a similar necklace... darn you wedding budget and limited spending right now!

  3. Awesome! I love nice people as well! Great job on finding what you wanted and making it work! I think its beautiful!

  4. THAT is a "statement bracelet" if ever there was one. ;)

  5. You are going to rock the house with this and your curls (please have the curls).

  6. I totally love this bracelet. I want it.

    You did such a good job too!

  7. I am SO pleased that the bracelet worked out for you, and that you added your personal touches! Jewelry making is very addicting...looks like you may have found yourself a new hobby. Thanks again for your business, and the lovely compliments in your blog post. I wish you the very best.



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