Tuesday, May 18, 2010

tuesday = travel day

With 12 days until the wedding, and our big move soon thereafter, my to-do list is honestly endless.  Today, I probably should be packing...or shredding old papers...or working on our "programs" or something wedding productive.  And it's more obvious to me than ever, that many many last minute projects will not be completed.

Instead of attempting to spend the day slaving over my "list", I'm spending the day driving up to Flagstaff with my little sister.  I'm having a practice hair style run through with a hair stylist I've never met.  It cracks me up that I'm going to this extreme...drive FOUR hours in one day to have my hair played with...just to determine if I should wear it in a lower curly bun, or a curly ponytail.  Doy.  Eh, it is what it is.

Except, I could use a little mountain air, and I'd love a lil one on one time with my baby sister.  And really, let's be honest, I need a little down time from our house of boxes and piles and projects.  Maybe this will even ensure a fabulous hair style for the wedding.  I'm crossing my fingers.


  1. eh... Carpe Diem! Nobody really cares if they know what's going to happen in your ceremony. You can skip the programs and noone will notice :)

  2. Don't fret. It'll be a great time. My stylist is an hour away and my MOH and I love the time away from the men to drive and chat.

  3. I'm telling you Jes . . . no one will miss programs. :D I've never even been to a wedding that had them.

  4. Good luck on your trial run! Unfortunately, I am nowhere close to my wedding destination so it's not a luxury I will have.



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