Thursday, May 20, 2010

we're not what.

Well, actually, we LOVE food... alllllll types of food... but umm... I think everyone loves food.  It just doesn't take much for us to be impressed or delighted, as most everything is pleasing to our taste buds.  We just aren't hoity toity about cuisine.  (and by hoity toity I mean sophisticated...we just aren't that sophisticated with our culinary choices).  We like food.  We eat it.  End of story.

So what do non-foodies serve at their wedding?  Do we go overboard to impress our guests?  Do we bust the budget to serve only locally grown organic food?  With seven courses?  Or host a cheese spread flown in from around the world?

Umm.  No.  We're serving chicken.  With "vegetable medley" and "wild rice" and bread.  And green salad. 

At our venue you have to select from their menu.  There is no taste testing...just picking from a list.  Fairly unromantic...but it is what it is.  And you know what - I freaking love chicken.   I feel good about the fact that we are able to provide our 100 guests with a meal... it may not be fillet mignon, or Alaskan salmon, but that's OK.    People don't go to weddings for the food anyway.

At least, that's not why I go to weddings.  I go for the booze.



  1. When I go out, if there is even one remotely decent chicken dish, I get it. It's surprising how many restaurants neglect having it on the menu.

  2. We had salad and lasagna and it was awesome! Simple and easy!

  3. Although I don't attend weddings for the grub, I definitely remember when the food sucks (insert mention of mystery gravy here...). Just so long as it tastes good, I don't think it matters what you serve. If everyone digs corndogs, then serve corndogs cause corndogs are tasty ;)

  4. @In My Tennis Shoes: Lasagna is awesome! We thought about doing a family style lasagna dinner but opted for BBQ. I'm a big fan of simple and easy too.

    I think Jes is smart for sticking to her priorities, staying real and staying off the crazy WIC train. woohoo!

    And seriously, who doesn't like chicken? The US is the biggest chicken consumer in the world. Glad you're keeping things in perspective. Your guests are there for you, not the food.

  5. Yep, we're serving chicken too. And its going to be delicious!

  6. Hm. Food was the #1 thing we needed for our reception. Good food. Now good food can be a big fat greasy cheese burger (wow, I'm so hungry right now) or sushi or pan-seared tilapia. As long as it's good.We served the tilapia, a chicken dish and a vegetarian dish. All were super yum! But you're right, it's totally all about the booze.
    And I'm NOT kidding. :)

  7. i love you and i love this post!! if it's warm and recognizable i'm a happy girl...and you know what - most of the time when i do find myself at a fancy schmancy restaurant - i order the chicken! and so do most i'm assuming! i bet its delicious and will totally hit the spot after the long day of getting married and cocktails and stuff - right?

  8. I love you for posting this! We love food but we are not "fancy" food people. We are more "mmmm, look at that giant burrito" sort of people, and as such we're serving buffet style Mexican food for our reception. Like I said, NOT fancy.

  9. I find most chefs refuse to "overcook" beef. I love a rare-ish steak, but I know my grandmother wouldn't. So we've steered clear of beef.

    We're doing barramundi (yummy fish) and chicken.


  10. Wait. People actually go to weddings for non booze related reasons? Who does that?

  11. At our wedding (and afterwards), everyone kept raving about the food which, well, G and I found rather average. G and I aren't that picky, but we do enjoy a foodie grade meal periodically. But that doesn't mean I needed to serve a foodie grade, foodie priced meal to 100 guests who may or may not actually appreciate that. We served good and affordable food. and we saved up for a few foodie meals for us ;-).
    and there was plenty of good booze. because that's why I go to weddings!



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