Monday, August 23, 2010

dollar dancing

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Oh man...I was not into this when we were planning our wedding.  I didn't want our guests to feel like we were hitting them up for cash.  I didn't want it to be "tacky."  Except, Tommy was SO into this activity I had to just go with the flow.  (I already refused the garter and bouquet toss events...and he thought this sounded awesome!)

Thank goodness we did this!  It was one of my favorite parts of the whole night - I remember it so vividly!!  Having a few moments to twirl with all the sweet fellas at our celebration was quite delightful.  I HIGHLY recommend this - it was a BLAST!! 

My recommendations:
- have money holders ready before the wedding (we had to remove flowers from the tabletop mason jars...ha!)
- make sure the DJ knows to announce it (and when!)
- have two people "helping":  one to collect money and time the dances for the bride and one for the groom
- make sure that the two "helpers" have a counting device to make sure that each "dance" is limited to 30 seconds or so (one of my sisters felt bad about telling people when their dance was over, so some people danced with me longer than others...and as a result....I didn't get to dance with everyone! *sad face*)
- have a set number of songs, or give the DJ a time allotment for this activity (however, ours was too short...I was somewhat skeptical to begin with so I only requested a few songs....but depending on your party give yourself some time to have fun with this!!)
- CHERISH those moments!!!  It was great!

*note:  we made enough cash to take a Napa Valley wine tour during our honeymoon!!  Rockin'!!!


  1. Ooo a dollar dance! I love it!

  2. what a great idea! i'm still a looong way away from my wedding, but i love reading about wedding ideas anyway ;)

  3. At least this was one compromise that turned out to be fun. :)



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