Tuesday, August 24, 2010

handsome fellas

all pictures by One Love Photo
Tommy's best friends were his groomsmen.  All of them were high school buds - four of them were in a band together...my Tommy played the guitar and did vocals...so hot.  Anyway...I love these guys.  They are hysterical... smart... successful... and totally down to Earth.  Tommy's little bro was also one of his groomsmen...he busted the best dance moves....honestly.  None of these men live anywhere close to Arizona....they all live on the east coast (and one lives in Norway!).  This was a huge deal to have these guys be a part of our big day.

I thought my groom and his buddies looked wonderfully dashing in their tuxedos.  However, the tuxedos were not without their own drama.  When we placed our order at the Men's Warehouse, we requested off-white colored shirts as my dress was ivory and bright white shirts would have made my dress look dirty.  After we made that shirt request, I confirmed it with the sales associate before we left the store - you know, just to make sure - he kindof rolled his eyes at me and said, "yes ma'am...you made the request....we already put in the order."

Fast forward to when the boys picked up their tuxes in Las Vegas.  Sure enough...they were all the wrong color.  ALL were bright white, except Tommy's...which was the correct color.  AND...they didn't quite fit all the guys right, despite the boys getting measured prior!  The poor dudes hated the itchy jackets....and the pants were itchy....and the shoes were incredibly uncomfortable too.  The icing on the cake was the fact that the sales people were douche bags in Vegas.  Unfriendly. Unaccommodating.  Unhelpful.  Just a bunch of sh*t heads.  I felt bad.

Whereas I thought the boys looked really nice, Tommy was less than thrilled.  He was bummed about the awkward fit, the awkward pleating, and he just didn't like how they looked.  How heartbreaking is that?  

If we had it to do over, we would have had them wear their own suits...any color (which was what Tommy wanted to do in the first place!)  We went with the Mens Warehouse because we thought it would be easiest, the most convenient, and the cheapest route (as a couple of the guys don't own suits).  Here's one of those things where you get what you pay for.


  1. Wow, I didn't know Men's Wearhouse was so bad! You should give them bad reviews everywhere you can.

    The guys looked fantastic as far as I can tell. The pictures are great! Especially love the first one.

  2. thats a bummer! well...none of them looked itchy and awkward in the photos though! :)

  3. You can't even tell! The guys all look great. I love the elegance of the dark suits.

    We went to Men's Wearhouse and were astounded with the prices for what you got. We ended up finding appropriately southern tan seersucker jackets at Belk, a southern department store, on sale for $50. With pants, shirt and tie, each guy paid $120 for attire they got to keep. Though I'm not sure my brother has much call for seer sucker in New England ;-)

  4. As a Men's Wearhouse Online Representative, We do apologize for the incovience you had with the color of the shirt. Based on the pictures posted, the guys looked great and it seemed liked they had a great time. Congratulations on recent marriage! If you would like to contact us, call ust at:1-800-851-6744.

  5. I agree w/ you - they look great.

    But...I also love weddings where the guys all wear their own suits. So practical (and classy/unique too).




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