Wednesday, August 25, 2010

our pictures

all photos by One Love

I'm busy this week.  Like -  INCREDIBLY busy.   So instead of words I figured I would share our ceremony photos.  Those were beautiful moments for us.  I must admit, if I haven't already, that I wasn't nervous AT ALL once I got to the alter with Tommy....I was relaxed, excited, so happy...a few tears fell...but they were smiley tears.  (Between you and me, I think Tommy ended up being the nervous one - which neither of us anticipated as he is so rarely nervous! Makes me giggle to think about now!) 

(my personal faves are the last two!!!  you can tell how ecstatic we were!!)
allllllll of these photos are OneLovePhoto....obvs.


  1. Jes, seriously, I feel like i'm seeing a best friend's wedding through pictures...after getting to "know" you via blogging I can totally picture everything that went into these precious moments! You are simply stunning and your photographer was able to capture you wedding in such a way that it looks like movie clips!

  2. YES, we can see how happy and excited you were to be married!!! ;)

  3. The last two are my favorite too - love the expressions on your faces - I know that feeling!

  4. No setup photos here! Your photographer has done a beautiful job in capturing all the emotion. You can't help but smile when you see them because they are honest and beautiful. Any bride would be rapt to have a wedding like this.



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