Saturday, August 7, 2010

my bridesmaid gifts

The second I laid my eyes on Tina Tarnoff's hand-cut piece, The Flower Pot, I instantly knew that that was the image I wanted to represent our wedding.  Originally, I had grandiose ideas of incorporating the image into the program, or the menu card, or something...but in the end, it was just perfect as is.

Not only was I drawn to the whimsical rendition of two love birds nesting in a sweet rose bush together, but I knew that this was SUCH a ME gift to give as art is a huge passion of mine.  It felt incredibly proper to give something that was "so me" - even though it may not have been a typical wedding gift.   The image that I was so drawn to didn't scream wedding, or mountains, or forest - which was ideal.  Not everyone is into forest, mountain or wedding images to hang in their homes.

Plus, they are a truly lovely artist.   We hung ours up on the living room.  It will always be a part of our home.


  1. Catching up on my blog reading here, sorry for posting days after the fact.

    One thing I love about your wedding is how you supported small artists and crafters to give your wedding a wonderful handmade look. These are just lovely!



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