Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the bridal bustier that wasn't

I bought a bustier for my wedding.  Personally, I thought it was sexy as hell.  It sorta sucked me in a little bit - made me stand up straighter...and it made my boobs look just a teeny bit bigger...all things I thought I needed in order to pull off my dress. 

The day of the wedding came and the bustier didn't work.  I tried it on at the bridal boutique, and it fit flawlessly...yet in "real" life it kept showing when I would walk and move.  AND it actually gave me back cleavage... yuck.  So...I took it off moments before the ceremony.  Doing so instantly removed my back fat...and helped me breath a bit better...which was priceless. I didn't even end up feeling self conscious without it :-)   I felt pretty!

That was the biggest waste of money in our whole wedding event - my damn bustier.  I think it even got left behind at the venue.

Did you spend money on a major fail for your wedding?


  1. I had one as well because I needed the little extra "padding". Plus I just feel self conscious going sans bra. Unfortunately there are pictures where you can see it poking out the top of my dress which irritates me. It was nude color so I'm sure I'm the only one that can really notice it in the pictures.

  2. It wasn't too expensive, but I bought a ring dish to have pictures of our rings taken in.. which we never got around to doing..

    BUT we do use the dish daily to hold our rings whenever we need to take them off, so it's not a TOTAL waste. And it's super cute!

  3. We had a photobooth at our wedding (which was hands down my favorite part of the reception) and we never took photos as a couple. There are photos of us with everyone else but each other. Whoops!

  4. I spent $50 on a flower fascinator for my hair, and then forgot to pack it. Oops. Ended up wearing a fresh flower plucked out of my bouquet in my hair instead.

    Which begs the question: Why didn't it occur to me to do that in the first place?

  5. I bought spanx, but decided not to wear them...for no other reason than I totally forgot to put them on!



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