Wednesday, November 24, 2010

real life: montana's big sky

All photography by Julie Harris Photography

I don't really make it a habit of browsing wedding sites anymore - I've had my mind on a few other things (obvs.)  BUT - when I do - and I find pictures like this, it makes me fall in love with weddings allllll over again.

This wedding was shot by Julie Harris Photography.  It's the kind of wedding that guests remember, that they talk about...more than just noting that the bride looked pretty and the drinks were delish.  This strikes me as one of those weddings where every word spoken in the ceremony was intentional, meaningful, and highly personal - where the bride's cheeks never got sore because her smiles were genuine - where every guest felt like an integral part of their spiritual union.

Just seems bigger and brighter and more beautiful, in its simplicity and in its joy.  *Sigh*  I just love how some people choose to enter lovely.   

greatest shot ever!!!


  1. What a charming gathering. The couple was literally surrounded by their family and friends. Just what a wedding should be! Very beautiful.



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