Wednesday, December 22, 2010

merry christmas

gorgeous collection of prints - by Etsy artist IreneSuchocki

I'm signing off for the next few days - lots of Christmas cookies to consume with Tommy's family in Rhode Island!

A friend of mine, who is also pregnant, posted to her Facebook profile something along the lines that this is her last Christmas as just HER - that next Christmas she will be Mom, Mama, Ma, Mommy, etc.  She then proceeded to go shopping for herself, because that it the most fabulous thing to do of course.

It made me stop and take note.  This is both the first and the last of Christmas celebrations for us.  It's Tommy and my FIRST Christmas together as a married family!  We're still deciding on traditions we'd like to incorporate into our world - and we still don't have a full tree of decorations yet - we've just been seeing how things fall...and it's been a lovely ride! 

Yet...this is the last Christmas we will ever celebrate without children...we are, in a sense, still the children (no grandbabies on either side of our families babies at all).  Our parents still dote on us, and try to make our holiday time with them special - which is so nice.  My mom has sent me three packages this holiday season...such a sweetheart. Next year we probably won't care that we get any gifts at all under the tree - but we will do everything we can to bring sweet Christmas joy to our little one. 

It's funny....the two of us don't really care about gifts this year anyway.  My list included a new toothbrush, curling shampoo and a new pair of nice maternity pants for work.  His list included a pair of long johns for skiing, a pizza cutter, and various books.  I think that means we are growing up.

Christmas isn't about the gifts anyway.  It's about the twinkle lights, the cookies, and the cocoa.  Obviously.



  1. Feliz Navidad! Enjoy your time away and eachother ... one of the greatest gifts!


  2. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful holiday eating lots of yummy things and spending your time with loved ones!

  3. I so agree. It's the trappings of Christmas - the music, lights, decorations, and FOOD that draw me in.

    Presents are second fiddle to all that. I didn't care this year at all either. ;)


  4. Have a beautiful Christmas lovely lady, just you and your boy. Next year is going to be so awesome for you! Lots of love xx

  5. What kind of curling shampoo did you wish for?



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