Tuesday, December 21, 2010

our new addition!!

my fave Christmas cookies - Czech cookies - mine turned out a litttttttle too crumbly, but taste just as delish!!

Don't believe I mentioned this when it happened...but...get this...I am the proud new owner of THIS Kitchen-Aid Standup Mixer!!  Ahhhhhh!!!!

I wrote about them here and here and here...and it was the thing I wanted the most from our wedding registry.  Yet, we actually didn't end up receiving it as wedding gift.  My parents gave it to me for my birthday/Christmas gift and I jumped up and down when I opened it a couple weeks ago!!

We had some bizarre drama with that mixer and our registry.  Someone had purchased it for us - believe me - I know this.  My sisters WERE going to get it for us, because it was the thing I wanted the most and I was so jazzed about having one!!  Yet, then it wasn't available on our registry anymore because someone had purchased it for us...I was ELATED...but my sisters were bummed that they hadn't purchased it sooner.  Anyway....then we never received it...and a couple months after the wedding, it had been returned to our wedding registry.  Apparently, someone bought it for us, and then returned it to the store after the wedding.  Slightly strange right?

Well, I was bummed...which makes me sound sortof selfish I'm sure.  Oh well...about some things I guess I am.  Can't help it.  But now who cares - I have one!!  AND it's just as dreamy as I thought it would be. 
I made Christmas cookies this weekend and it was a BREEZE in this thing. 

The hardest part was picking out a color.  We went with chrome.  What color do you have???


  1. white. "almost" brand new on craigslist for $90 - was very excited about it. I would have picked orange if I'd had a choice.

  2. What?! Seriously someone bought it for you and then RETURNED it? Girl you don't sound selfish, I'd be all "wtf mate?" too! That is so weird!

  3. I've always wanted a kitchen-aid standup mixer. What do you plan on using it for besides baking?

    Also - what ingredients are in czech cookies? They look scrumptious.


  4. Mine is the professional model, which only comes in a couple of colors. I have the black, which is beautiful, but shows every single speck of dust and flour. Annoying.

    To Stephanie - you can use it for EVERYTHING. Bread, pizza dough (fab!), cookies, cakes, brownies...

  5. Be careful what you post on the internet, you would not want to hurt someones feelings.



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