Thursday, December 16, 2010

no doubt....i'm really pregnant now.

26 weeks!

I've felt pregnant since week 6 and I noticed my "belly" at week 14 or 15...I assumed everyone noticed.  But most people didn't.  Even at 22 weeks, when I felt gigantic, people went about their business and didn't really notice my gut too much.  My guess is some of them just thought I loved beer or something.  NOW is a different story.  My belly sticks out of my white doctor coat - so my patients notice it, my Attendings notice, staff notice....strangers notice :-)  And it's pretty much the best ice breaker ever - it's typically the first thing people will comment about (with smiling faces I might add) when they greet me...

"are you expecting!"
"how far along are you!"
"do you know what you're having!?"
"is this your first!?"
yada yada down the line.

I'm pretty sure my face lights up every time someone mentions my pregnancy :-) 

I have a slight waddle to my gait...I can feel it, I know I'm doing it...and I don't care.  It's easier to walk that way.  And bending over to pick stuff up off the ground is a whole new ballgame...I tend to "grunt" a little bit and I'm sure I look way awkward because it feels way awkward.  And my's really tight...we sit and watch our Baby's's SO RAD!!

Performing well during my Plastic Surgery rotation is a bit of a challenge with an additional 10 lbs in front of me...I don't quite reach the table in the same manner that I am use to.  But so far so good and I'm really enjoying this rotation.  I think I needed to get back in the operating room to remember how cool my job might be.  I'm scrubbing a Rhinoplasty tomorrow!!!  How cool is that!?


  1. That would be so crazy to hold in your hands not only someones life but the fate of their nose job! Lol!
    And you are totally adorable all pregnant and glowing. :)

  2. You don't look huge to me yet; certainly not full-term.

    And NO, doing a rhinoplasty is not cool to this non-doctor who can't stand to watch operations on TV! I have to change the channel.


  3. remember that the stuff you do in intern year is not by any means what your career will look at. Enjoy the OR. That's what you want to do and someday you'll have interns to do all your scut for you :)

    I remember my chief surgery resident bending way over her gigantic belly to get into a patients belly during an open bariatric surgery on the day she ended up giving birth. (that girl was tough! She walked down 12 flights of stairs during morning rounds and was doing evening rounds while having contractions every 8 minutes!)

    You look great!

  4. You look great! Love your dress.

  5. You look fantastic! Good luck with the nose job :)

  6. I'm so wary of asking people if they're pregnant...I made that mistake once and...well...they weren't pregnant.

    But it's a good thing you are!! :)

  7. You look beautiful and definitely have "the glow". And hoorah for feeling excited about your career future. We all get a bit down sometimes, but it's really lovely to know you're feeling up again. xx

  8. You look great! Quick medical question.. how do you feel about being around the waste anesthetic gasses? Of course they minimize what they can with scavenging systems and such. . .but there is mixed opinions in the vet community (I'm a DVM) and I'm curious about the human side of things. Some people couldn't care less and keep right on working, but a few use special masks. Of course you aren't running the anesthesia and I have to do it all. Any opinions??

  9. That's one great benefit of pregnancy - even complete strangers automatically have something to talk to you about. Expecting a baby really is the ultimate icebreaker.



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