Saturday, December 18, 2010

oh pandora

I'm sitting here.  Alone at my kitchen table.  Our Christmas lights are twinkling in our dark home (it's only around 5pm, and yes, it's dark outside.)  I have my Pandora radio stationed to Classical Christmas - it's giving me goosebumps and making me want to cry it's so beautiful.*

I love Christmas time, and the memories that flood in from my childhood.  Being a kid really was a magical ride...sometimes I can't believe it all flew by so fast.  And here I am, about to bring a new child into the world.  I hope I make her life as full and sparkly as my parents made it for me.  I think I miss my mom right now.

I'll be making all of her special Christmas cookies tonight.  Wish me luck, I've never made any of them before!! 

*eh - crying isn't so big of a deal these days. I'm pregnant, and a sob-face anyway.


  1. I always miss family this time of year. Hang in there! Someone in CO is thinking of you!

  2. ha...i cry all the time without being pregnant!! hope all the cookies turn out! merry christmas!



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