Thursday, January 27, 2011

the crib

We did a lot of research before committing to a crib for our baby.  Like.  A lot of research.  (eh - we are first time parents...and I can't spend huge sums of money without being very confident that what we are buying is exactly what we need.)  We had a rather extensive wish list and yet, it was tricky to find out lots of information about the companies and the durability of the pieces.  Reading online reviews was super helpful, as was using review websites like  We ended up selecting the top rated crib from and went with Davinci's Emily crib

We got it in cherry wood and it's pretty (there are lots of color options...but the cherry finish was the model on sale - so we scoped that one up!).  It is a convertible crib, which means that it's configuration can be altered to a toddler bed, a daybed, and then a twin sized bed (sweet!).  It has the metal spring base for the mattress to rest upon which was what we preferred over the wooden slat construction.  Also, it's made of solid wood - which I really liked since so many cribs are particle board.  The finish is non-toxic and the wood is harvested from sustainable forests in New Zealand (yay -  love that!)  The price was nice for us too - we got one for less than $200 - which was much more reasonable than we anticipated (and free shipping was included...awesome!).

Tommy put the whole thing together by himself.  It made everything a lot more real - and a lot more exciting!  Our lil tike will be sleeping in that crib in a couple months.  Wow right?  It's all happening so fast.


  1. I love that it's convertible. That will be awesome as your little girl grows up. Such a pretty crib, too!

  2. Picking a crib can be tricky, make sure when buying one you'll check if it will last long & the kid can use it as they grow up.

  3. So nice! We got a Davinci too. One thing that came up in one of the reviews I read was about the convertible aspect of the cribs. One woman had bought her crib so that she could convert it when she needed to. However, some of the pieces had to be bought separately in order to use the bed in it's other forms. When she went to buy the pieces (probably a couple years after she originally got the crib), they no longer made them anymore. So, we bought all of the pieces up front to make sure we could convert the bed later on. With all the research you did, you probably came across this issue too. I just wanted to let you know, because if I hadn't read that particular review, I wouldn't even have thought of it.

  4. Love that crib! We aren't quite at the baby-stage yet, but if we were, I think I may copying your selection. lol



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