Saturday, January 29, 2011

yellow poms and my 33 week belly

33 weeks - big big big :-)
 Sooooo...Tommy and I hung up some yellow pom poms and a couple white Chinese lanterns over the baby crib.  I LOVE!  They are bright and fun.  We took these pictures late at night (right before I went to my shift at the ER) - but the poms look extra good when the sunlight filters in from the window. (and when the window is open, they rotate ever so slightly which totally rocks my face off it's so rad.)

Plus...they are different shades of yellow.  Which clearly gets me all psyched :-)  

my current "uniform" - in hindsight, I should have had the picture taken with my white coat's top button fastened because my basketball-sized-bump sticks out prominently :-)

Oh - and I'm 33 weeks pregnant...and I'm totally feeling it.  Forget the gymnastics that I thought she was practicing in there...this baby is a karate black belt.  Sometimes she will kick my ribs AND my cervix at the same time and it literally makes me jump/laugh/yelp at the same time.  I can honestly say that doctoring is now really really hard with a kicking baby belly.  (Or maybe it's just hard because it's the night shift and it sucks? Dunno.)

Have I already mentioned that my wardrobe currently consists of Large scrubs?  It kinda rules that I don't have to dress up for work this month.  Scrubs are soooo easy!!!

Other baby news...we went and registered at Babies R' Us (if we don't get the items as gifts they give a 10% discount to purchase the remaining items off the that's quite a deal).  This time, we signed up for baby bottles and bibs and know...the good stuff.  Oh...and I ordered some AMAZINGLY CUTE baby sheets from a shop on Etsy...Sweet Bobbins...and will write more about that later!! 


  1. Ohmigosh, you're so cute and preggy, I can't stand it!!! You look amazing, I can't believe how fast the time has flown by, the wee lil one will be here sooooooon!

  2. You make scrubs look adorable!!! That baby belly is just too cute sticking out like that!

  3. The pom poms and lanterns are so cute! You look great! Congratulations!

  4. Love those yellow poms!

  5. adorable! and you look like claire danes in these photos! you're gorgeous!

  6. The poms and lanterns look awesome. It will be so fun with those sheets. Can't wait to see the whole nursery put together.

  7. Are you wearing danskos/sanitas?! I was wondering if those are comfortable being they still fit? Being on your feet all day long has got to be hard being having an extra little human, I find it hard being just me.

  8. love those pom poms! they make the room so magical and whimsical- just like a baby girl's room should be! Good luck with the coming weeks and yay for babies!

  9. Those poms make me happy. What a fun, artistic, and cheerful touch for the baby's room!

    Isn't registering fun? I just took a peek at yours and saw that you have an ERGO on there - good call!

    Also - have you seen my post about all of the items I would register for "If I were a 1st time mom again"? Here it is:



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