Tuesday, January 25, 2011

no baby bumpers

DwellStudio for Target - this is what I was going to buy for our nursery...cutest fabric ever!  Love hippos!  Alas...no longer.

Do you know what a baby bumper is?  It's an ADORABLE fabric panel that goes around the railings of a crib.  Originally, they were designed for babies safety, as the slats of crib bars were once far apart and the bumper would prevent babies from getting their heads stuck.  But now, they are deemed hazardous by many infant safety commissions and organizations.  I've read about it in booklets and pamphlets and posters about infant safety and SIDS that are plastered all over the hospitals and clinics and parenting magazines and journals.  I read another article about it today in the ER.

I had been on the fence about baby bumpers this whole time as THEY ARE SO CUTE holy cow.  But.  Unnecessary.  And potentially dangerous.  So that's it.  I removed it from our registry.  Babies don't need blankets to sleep with or bumpers.  We only need to register for crib sheets.

How awesomely economical!  (but I'm actually having a tricky time finding RAD bright sheets. Any tips??)


  1. I use bumpers for both my babies...Harper still has them in her crib (14 months). If you are worried remove it for the first 6 months but after that, I've found them very helpful. After they can roll and stand up there isn't much you can do about them sleeping on their tummy and it's cold in Flagstaff, they need blankets. Neither baby liked swaddling or those sleep sacs. Both babies would bang their heads, get their legs and arms stuck without them. My first child actually snuggled up into the bumper on GASP his belly at 3 months. He would also wrap his blanket over his head. He's a smart alert baby and needs to "shut" the world out. Personally, I think a little too much fuss is going on the baby industry in the US. Best advice I ever got about my babies was 1) sleep one nap a day when they are newborns and 2) trust your instincts

  2. @ Cameron - yes I see where you are coming from. I had bumpers on my crib and I'm healthy :-) AND they are wildly popular and lots of people use them. But I suppose if even 1 baby suffocates it is appropriate for organizations to advocate warnings and cautions. At the end of the day people can make their own mind up!

  3. Very interesting!! My prego friend was just showing me all the things she wanted and one was a bumper so I sent her this post!

  4. Hey Jes- Yeah I know super bummer right?! Bumpers are absolutely adorable. I have been on the fence about it as well, trying to justify it. I guess just super cute sheets will have to do...easy on the budget I suppose. Did you look over at feed the soil?! She has some cute ways- making her own, then dwell studios?! I will keep looking too. I was reading a book and it talked about how white noise is bad too for babes and SIDS, gosh. All the fun things are getting a bad rap. Are these just neglectful parents or is it really a risk>? Any thoughts doctor?! The cases we get in- the parents look super sketchy.

  5. at Lindsey - it's 5am...i just stumbled in the door from my 12 hour overnight ER shift...and I literally cried tonight while working because of alllll of the shithead parents who brought their little ones in tonight. Super sketchy indeed.

    btw - love dwell studio. love.

  6. @Jes, I agree, every parent has to do what is comfortable for them or they will be a wreck. You're going to be a great Mom! That being said, they do have "breathable" bumpers, but they aren't as cute!

  7. Good for you! Baby registry checklists have so many things on them that are completely unnecessary (including bumpers).

    As for sheets, have you checked Etsy? Maybe something like this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/66729661/handmade-organic-bamboo-fitted-crib?ref=sr_gallery_3&ga_search_query=crib%2Bsheets&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=3.




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