Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a lil welcome baby bash

 31  weeks!  Notice all that snow?  Yea...it was cold in Rhode Island...but charming as ever.

My mother in law is such a sweetheart.  She wanted so much to celebrate the upcoming arrival of her first grandchild with a little party for us.  *insert huge smile!*  However, Tommy had to work this past weekend, so it really ended up being a sweet little get together of her lovely neighbors, a couple family members, one of my best friends, and me...so I got to open the presents.  Opening presents is so fun...especially baby stuff...it's just all so sweet, you know??

I had been kindof bummin' that I wasn't going to get to celebrate the birth of our daughter with my friends and family back home - it's just such a big deal and I just kindof want to jump up and down with my gal pals, my sisters, and my cousins over it.  Hahaha!  So it was extra sweet of Tommy's fam to help us celebrate and get all excited over it all too.  It was a lovely lovely day.

One of my besties..Megan...she officiated our wedding AND she's now expecting too!! This is the first pic of our babies hanging out :-)

My hubs is a New Englander...as is his entire fam...they become fans at birth :-)

I couldn't get over these adorable knit hats!!

Shiloh - the star of the whole show!!  (She stole all of our hearts...ohmygosh...I love this beautiful girl)

We ate lots of yummy treats! 

Everyone took home a little African violet - so pretty in the stark winter.


  1. Ohmigosh, those little hats are ADORABLE!!!!!! Eeeeeek, and you are so...well, pregnant!!! It's awesome :)

  2. How sweet! You've got some amazing in-laws girl. :) Oh, and those hats are ADORABLE.

  3. Girl, I didn't know you were pregnant. I've been a bad blogging friend, but i promise to catch up. Let me start with CONGRAtS ! that is so stinking exciting!

  4. You look SO gorgeous. Look at that lil bump coming along! And how are you already 31 weeks? Man, time is flying!
    It looks like you scored some super duper cute things. xx

  5. The shower was adorable! I love our pic- your look perfect! Also- I CAN kinda see a teeny bump on me. Can I steal that pic for my bump pics page??

  6. Boy! You've managed to make pregnancy look very stylish. Did you know that? ;)



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