Monday, January 17, 2011

real life: a homegrown wedding

Meet Lindsey and Matt of A Homegrown Wedding.  I was a diligent follower of their wedding planning creations - their details were so thoughtful and turned out beautifully.  They were even generous enough to share their image of two pine trees for OUR wedding  programs!  I've been itching to share their wedding for so long...enjoy!

My husband and I struggled with so many wedding "should-do's"...that we didn't feel like we wanted to do. We wanted our wedding to reflect us, to be our day the way we wanted it. So we did just that. We had our dream wedding June 12th 2010 and it was fantastic. We wanted our wedding to be budget-friendly, home-made, and convey a very simple rustic idaho wedding....after all we were so happy just to be able to be getting married while both going back to school we didn't need anything too elaborate. We set a budget of under $5,000...which we came in pretty close to, we didn't have the means to pay big bucks the month before the wedding, we had the ability to spend about $200-$300 per month doing projects along the way. So one month I would buy the fabric and make the napkins, the next month we would purchase the materials for the invites- vintage stamps, fabric, kraft paper envelopes- and then make them... it worked out great for our busy lives and limited incomes.


Matt, my husband, was awesome in helping give his input and spending hours by my side coming up with fun ideas and executing them... like to do our ceremony quaker style, with his uncle making up his own original ceremony that didn't include god, honoring, or obeying...just pure love- never ending love and the support of all of our friends and family when things do get tough... or having our dads do all of the BBQing for the wedding- ribs, salmon, and portobellas- just like they would have done at any other family function... or choosing to not go with rental table cloths- just buying lots of natural canvas painter's cloths for the floor length table coverings and making my own amy butler napkins.... or doing our own floral arrangements with my mom's help....or making our own lime-coconut cupcakes... or collecting hundreds of mason jars for not only sangria and beer but for our bouquets... or not having matching bridesmaids dresses- they could just choose any shade of green/turquoise cotton dress they wanted...which mimicked my hand-made cotton wedding dress, and the guys wearing khakis and white shirts....simple. It was a blast to come up with ideas and make them come to life....together as a team.

It took a TON of work (fun, stress-free work, none the less)... and about a year of planning, doing craft projects every weekend between school and work....and recruiting a bunch of help from our loved ones the week before the wedding for the set-up. We loved the process and the product. We wanted absolutely no stress with the wedding planning, that's kind of how we live life, so why not have that be reflected in our wedding day?!...and we also wanted to just be able to enjoy our friends and family on such an important day in our lives and not be basket-cases. I think this is do-able... there is a ton of prep involved in hosting such a huge party, but working as a team and letting the little things go turned out to be so enjoyable for us. We had heard of other engaged couples so stressed out that they couldn't wait for "it" just to be over... Over?! Seriously? We didn't want it to end....and surprisingly either did our friends and family. So now we just have incredibly fun pictures to scroll through...and we are enjoying life...married and now planning the next steps in life, like sweet little baby steps. But gosh, that wedding planning sure was enjoy it and good luck!!


  1. i loooove this wedding,this dress is simply perfect!!!
    i will follow lindsay in the baby journey hunt!!!

  2. Their details were so thoughtful and turned out beautifully. There is no doubt that a couple will do anything just to make this day a very special one, but even they want to make it special still there is a point that they also want it not be that expensive, so this post of yours was really a great help. Thanks for sharing with us.
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  3. You all are so sweet! Thank you so much for your nice comments. Our wedding truly was a blast, and it's a honor to have it featured here on Jes's blog... thanks again!!

  4. So, so pretty! Yes the wedding looks simple but at the same time it is so elegant and tasteful – I can’t say it was a simple wedding. Absolutely gorgeous! Every picture just kept getting better and better! LOVE those little fairy lights in the background and the table settings are beautiful – really great combo of charger plates with the ribbon. So this Great information the details, the food, the people, and the location… genius! Thanks for sharing.

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