Tuesday, February 1, 2011

real wedding: beautiful boulder

I've never been to Boulder, CO...but after seeing this wedding, it's on my list of places to explore.  This couple looks so fun, and looks like they HAD so much fun at their lovely mountaintop wedding.  It was a small wedding, with big smiles, big skies, big mountains...just perfectly beautiful.  

*note:  I'm in love with that brilliant wall featured in that top photo...good Lord... I need to find that wall.. and just stare at it awhile... and soak up all it's glory.  That's a great picture!

This event was shot by Heidi and Kevin of Sweat Pea Photography... check out their blog for other lovely inspirational finds!


  1. That wall in the 1st photo is SO fun (I agree!). I want to find it and take family photos there.

    Also - the mother of the bride's chocolate brown dress/top is very pretty.


  2. Beautiful wedding!!! Love the splashes of color here and there!

  3. Oh, I'm so excited I found this blog! My fiance and I would LOVE a mountain-surrounded/top wedding, unfortunately most of the area where we live is fairly flat, and 'mountain country' would be too far of a drive for many of our guests.
    I'm going to enjoy looking at all the beautiful locations on this blog, I bet!
    Also, the first photo- the coloured, wall, her gorgeous dress? Love!

  4. Wow!! what a fun and joyful wedding, lovely shots, i love that venue. Thanks for sharing.
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