Thursday, February 17, 2011

our nursery progress

So our nursery is coming together rather nicely.  If you pretend not to see the big red FIRE alarm on the wall, I will point out some of the things we have done to create this little space that I enjoy so much.

I found a sweet little dresser (with great working drawers!) at a consignment shop in Rhode Island while out browsing with my mother in law last month.  I always envisioned a yellow dresser...but this looks rather nice all white (and there is about a foot of snow outside so painting isn't in the cards anyway!)   The knobs are sparkly crystal things that I would have never selected...BUT...they are a pretty feminine touch for a baby girls room without be overly princess - so I like them and they will stay for now.

See that cute little coat rack?  My sister-in-law and mother in law painted that for Baby's room.  It will come in so handy! 

We were gifted a brand new changing pad (thanks Abbie - you are too wonderful!) and all of our bumGenius cloth diapers are lined up on it awaiting wash (still).

Tommy installed a sweet little white shelf that we bought for around $15 from Lowe' will hold a wiper warmer that we were gifted (isn't that the funniest sounding thing...a machine to warm the baby wipes??  I guess they have thought of everything at this point.)  We'll also select a couple other treasures to display up there...but who knows yet what those will be (I'm thinking my Madeline doll or Pattington bear from back home...if my mom can find them in my boxes and boxes of "stuff")...or some books...a piggie bank...a plant?  For now, a cute little brown bear from my mom has made his perch (but his location might be taken up with lotions or baby powder or God-knows-what once the baby comes).

A little (QUICK) labor of love that I did for the room was to "re-mat" some of my favorite pictures of children from our family history.  I purchased a bunch of black frames with mats already in them from Michael's for 50% off (the total was around $30 for alll the frames!) and I bought some pretty patterned scrapbook paper for roughly 25 cents a piece.  Then I just recovered the pre-made mats with the pretty colorful paper and viola!  Something a tad more visually exciting than before.  (And really, to create all of them only took like 30 minutes or so.  I did have to purchase a straight edge box cutter to make all the edges perfect...and that tool is my new favorite thing!  So handy.
I had won a canvas portrait from a blog contest somewhere along the way, and had one created of my grandmother as a baby on her father's farm to add to the mix.  I could stare at that wall all day.  The whole thing turned out better than I expected to be honest.  AND everything can get swapped out and revamped again and again.  

I really want to get a mirror on that wall - so the whole thing might get scrapped and rearranged within the next couple of months.  It would just be so nice for guests to have a mirror in their room (remember the nursery is also the guest room!)  But for now, this is how it is.

Wait till I show you the bookshelf!


  1. Oh I LOVE the dresser! I remember you mentioning it awhile back and it's a lot cuter than you let on! Cute cute cute!

  2. It's coming together so nicely!!! Love the idea of family baby pictures!

  3. I love the family pics! It's really coming along nicely.

  4. Everything is adorable. I like the crystal knobs! It's cute the way it is and you can still paint it yellow if you want to ... er ... in the summer.

  5. Ah, haven't been able to check in for a few days...everything is just so so so exciting! Can't wait for this baby :)

    And thank you for your sweet comment the other really made my day!



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