Wednesday, February 2, 2011

tommy's big baby purchase

I've never seen Tommy so excited whilst out looking at baby gear.  As I was scouring the sale racks, refusing to consider anything that cost more than $2 (umm...yea...I didn't find a whole lot on that "budget") Tommy was off purchasing these adorable (full price) t-shirts for his future Celtics fan daughter.

He bought her two.  In different sizes, so she can grow into one when she grows out of the other.  This made my man smile from ear to ear.

It was pretty much the cutest thing.

*note: we sat and watched my belly move this weekend.  We saw her FOOT pressed against my abdomen...and we saw her skinny little forearm (we think).  We played games with her...we would gently push on certain parts of my belly and she would come and press up against us.  As creepy as this may sound, (ummm...and it was rather creepy to see to be quite honest) it was incredibly amazing.  There is a little person inside my freaking belly.  My God.  Surreal. 


  1. Pregnancy seems like something out of science fiction, doesn't it?



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