Monday, April 18, 2011

diaper daze

If you would have told me that I would have diaper preferences at some point in my life, I would have laughed in your face.

In fact, Tommy and I bought some generic brand diapers in preparation for Clara's arrival and balked at the higher priced name brand diapers at the store - why would ANYONE spend more money on something that a baby poops in?

We learned our lesson.  Our baby girl has gone through HUNDREDS of diapers at this point...and we have a nearly full box of Babies R Us generic brand diapers in our closet that will not be used because they are lame.  They leak.  It's gross.  We have, in fact, found a favorite brand (Pampers - they are outstanding.)  Who knew?

Oh - did you catch that?  Clara has gone through HUNDREDS diapers already.  And she's only almost 6 weeks old.   Hundreds of diapers in six week...expensive toll on our wallet and the environment.  

I can't wait to start using the BumGenious cloth diapers we purchased.  Right now they are just too gigantic for her teeny bottom!  I'm crossing my fingers that they are awesome.

*note - don't you just LOVE Clara's crib sheets?  All bright and vibrant and interesting!?  I'm obsessed.  They are a handmade Etsy purchase from Sweet Bobbins...and were actually around the same price for the sheets at the baby superstore (that were not bright or vibrant or interesting!).   I'm toying around with the idea of making a mobile to match them :-)  You know, in my spare time.  Ha!


  1. No, I am not at all surprised you have diaper preferences. Totally different construction from product to product has to result in differences in performance.

    Yes, I love Clara's sheets!

  2. I personally go between Pampers and Huggies, depending on which is on sale. And you are going to LOVE the clothies once she is in them. I recommend using disposables for outings, though! I wonder if I can get sheets like that in a queen size...

  3. Such a cute creature made out of love. Raising one ease not easy. Be always ready!

  4. Yay for you, and for the world that Clara will inherit, that you're switching to reusable diapers. I can't wait to hear how that works out.

    I am thoroughly amused that you, a doctor, described your baby's leaky diapers as gross. Not that they aren't, I just figured the combination of professional training and good old-fashioned biological function would have dampened such a response. Guess not :)

  5. @ Hindsight - I'm pretty sure that leaky poop is gross across the board. no matter who you are or what professional background. Hahaha!

  6. I am eager to hear more about the siapers because we are planning to use them too (probably bum genius). And those sheets are almost as cute as Clara.

  7. Those Pampers Swaddlers were our favorite too...the absolute best for a newborn! They're softer, stretchier, and better made than the generic brands.

    I look forward to reading about your experience with BumGenius.



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