Friday, August 26, 2011


stunning pictures of northern Arizona via my gal Sarah Neal

Yesterday was 8/25/11....exactly 4 months until Christmas.  CHRISTMAS!!!!   My whole year revolves around's the highest point on my inner calender (do you have an inner calendar?  Mine is shaped like one big rollercoaster with Christmas having the largest peak....but anyway...)

This year, I will be home for Christmas.  EEKKKKKK!!!!!!  Tommy, Clara and I will be flying back to Arizona for a blessed few days.

I have never been so excited for the holidays to get here!!!


  1. holy cow!? 4 months? crazy! sooooo....will you be in Flagstaff? we'll probably be there too!

  2. looking forward to taking photos of the wee one!! :)

  3. ahh i love christmas. this year i get to spend my first one married :) glad to hear you get to be home on christmas. that's always such an awesome thing!



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