Monday, August 29, 2011

first steps to foodie

This was a monumental weekend in our little world - Clara ate her FIRST meal of solid food!  She loved it!  We mixed up a little bowl of rice cereal and breast milk (appetizing??  yea - we didn't think so either)  and she gobbled it right up.

she is miss independent - would grab the spoon right out of my hands and feed herself!

I didn't know when we were going to start her on solids....I was in no rush...the breastmilk/formula meals are so EASY...and's just one of those things that makes me realize she won't be a baby forever *tear*   And like with everything else, everyone has opinions on feeding babies...and no body's opinions are the same.  But, for us, this felt like the right time to take that next step.

food went everywhere.  like...everywhere.

For the past couple weeks, Clara has been LUNGING for our food - trying to eat what we eat...going nuts to get a taste of the food on our so cute.  

This next adventure of introducing Clara to different foods will be exciting!  We are contemplating making her food in our own kitchen, rather than purchasing baby jar food.  Does anybody do this?  Are there recipe books for this?  Is it easy?  Time consuming?  I'd love to know what has worked for others!


  1. Aww, Clara is precious!We made a lot of baby food at our house. Simpler than you think it would be {steaming, using the mixer}. Have fun!

  2. My cousin is experimenting with making her own baby food. For the most part, she just does vegetables. She'll cook them like normal, serve them with dinner, and then put the rest of them into a blender. She spoons the food into ice trays and freezes them, that way when she's ready to use them, she just pops one out and microwaves it.

  3. my mom used to make us baby food by pureeing a serving of whatever she made for the family, before really seasoning it all the way, in ice cube trays. Then she'd defrost each piece at a time to make a meal (i.e. peas, creamed corn, protein).

  4. i agree with the other posters...most of my friends and family have gone with the "eat what we eat" and just pureed food and frozen it. seems like slightly more work than store bought food but not too intensive and ensures you know what she is eating..

  5. I did it! It was so fun and easy. I steamed organic fruits, veggies and meats and blended in my regular old blender! Froze them in ice cube trays. There are books, but I made my own recipes. Her faves were Bananas and avacado (always fresh, not frozen) pumpkin with a little cinnamon and nutmeg, sweet potatoes and carrots spinach and green beans :) Have fun!

  6. Ohhh, so so cute! She is the most adorable thing Jes xx



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