Friday, January 20, 2012

babyfood binge

I went to the store to buy Dreft.  Instead, I bought boat-load of organic baby food.  No really, like a crazy hoarder or something.  They were on a mad sale.  And I'm pretty sure Clara might be eating from this stock pile until she is in high school.

I typically make most of Clara's baby food...not all of it....but a lot of it.  I enjoyed the process, and it makes me feel good knowing that I can take an active part of her nutritional development.   But honestly, the pre-made organic baby food is hassle...and she loves it.  Win win.  This bulk purchase makes me feel better about the next two months.  I will be living in Baltimore (did I mention that before?).  I won't be able to make Clara food...shoot...I won't even be able to cuddle her or read to her either.  (I know I know...pity party for myself...but sometimes I just gotta.)

Before I forget, I got all the loot at Babies R case you need some too!  (Baby food is one of those things that is NEVER on sale in the grocery stores here...had to take advantage of it...but I'm afraid I may have gone overboard!)

Oh.  And I forgot the Dreft.


  1. What will you be doing in Baltimore? Are Tommy and Clara going w/ you? Tell us more!

  2. Gerber Nature Select 2-packs are on sale at target... 85 cents for a 2 pack!



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