Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clara's college fund: 529

yea - she knows the word "clapping."  freaking genius child :-)

Back in October Tommy and I each started a college fund for Clara.  We opened 529 college savings accounts with  Clara as the beneficiary.  By the time Clara graduates high school, the cost of higher education might be a gazillion dollars per year.  Ugh. (Well, maybe not quite a gazillion...but you get the idea.)

We ordered our 529 accounts from Ohio - who were giving bonuses for new accounts at the time we registered.  It was one of the best rated 529 plans.  Now, there are a few different top 529 can read an up to date article here for those recommendations.

I know it's going to happen...I'm going to go to bed one night and then wake up and Clara will be 18 and going off to college.  She's already walking and communicating...we are very proud of her accomplishments from Your Baby Can Read (a system that my husband purchased and I made SO much fun of him for - turns out it is really fun and super impressive!!)


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I've never heard of a 529. We are currently just doing savings accounts with automatic transfers each month but this sounds like a good tax break!

  2. I agree that the Your Baby Can Read system is well-done. I especially appreciate that it's NOT fast-paced and full of animation - a good choice for little ones.



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