Sunday, June 17, 2012

perfect wedding shoes

This past week I attended LOTS of important meetings...and a couple fancy dinners.  (The end of the year AND the beginning of the year activities are happening at the same time at my residency program - so life is double trouble exciting.)  Also, I've been checking out new job interviews and oral examinations and yada yada yada is keeping me at full speed.

All of this has been great fun!   I get to wear REAL clothes...lots of professional attire...which for me tends to be dresses...instead of the scrubs and white coat that I typically wear every day.  I have been wearing my hair down and curly almost daily too...instead of my usual messy bun or braid.  AND REAL SHOES.  Not my Dansko's...or my Crocs...or my running shoes...or my flip flops or my Birkenstocks.  Nope.  PRETTY shoes.

Mainly, my wedding shoes.  My mustard yellow Frye shoes with a little peep toe and a short(ish) heel.  They really were the most perfect wedding shoes.  I've worn them a million times since my wedding...and I just adore them.  I wore them nearly every day last week...and didn't have sad painful crying feet at all!  Not even for one minute.  You can revisit my post about there here!

Nothing beats a comfortable pair of beautiful shoes.  I should know...I am a foot doctor after all :-)


  1. oh my gosh...i haven't worn my wedding shoes since...they were not comfortable!

  2. Such cute shoes. I'm impressed that they're comfy too. That's a winning combination, for sure.

  3. wow! these shoes are really pretty! love them! :)Cute Wedding shoes.The information you shared is very nice.Especially your yellow Frye shoes looks very beautiful.Keep on sharing your information..

  4. Love your shoes! They are super cute. I think it's very smart to chose something that you're going to use after the wedding. I have a friend who has hemmed her wedding dress a couple of times. She's even added stuff to it. You would never know it too! She's used a million times since the wedding.

  5. Lovely shoes for the wedding, thanks for sharing this to us. Looking forward for more updates. Nice shots.



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