Monday, June 18, 2012


it was super hard to capture the sparkle of that gem!!

I recently acquired a natural gemstone, a 2 carat citrine in fact.  I was looking at gemstones online and  decided that I wanted to give my sister her birthstone for her upcoming birthday (she will be turning 29 - so it's a biggie birthday!)

Citrine has always been one of my favorite gems.  It's the Arizona sun.  I went nuts when I got it in the is SO BEAUTIFUL.  So sparkly...and spectacular.  I'm having second thoughts about giving it to her (aren't I a jerk to even have such thoughts...and to admit it!?)  I was contemplating having it set for her...but I think it may be more special to have her pick out how she would like to wear it.  She is going to flip!  I'm so psyched!!

Have you ever owned a loose gemstone?  The possibilities with how to set it are ENDLESS.  A friend of mine has four children...all with different birthstones.  Her husband gifted her with gemstone mothers jewelry... a loose gemstone of each of her children...she had them each set into their own ring.  She can layer them all together, or wear them individually...and they are stunning. 

*note:  I have two of them reads my blog...the other does not.  Keep this hush hush y'all.

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  1. I like the birthstone idea for mothers. My ring would have a sapphire (for september), an aquamarine (for march), and a diamond (for april).



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