Tuesday, June 19, 2012

lucky duck

Tommy's teaching gig has completed its course, so now he is FREE FOR THE SUMMER.  (Ugh.  I am so ridiculously jealous - such adventures those two will have!)  What lucky ducks that they will get to spend everyday together! 

And speaking of ducks...DUCK is Clara's word of choice...they are her FAVORITE thing...her favorite word...her favorite toys.  She carries around her rubber ducky's from the bath...and her big yellow Eric Carle duck from her Grammie Paula.  She gives her ducks walks in the stroller, hugs them, kisses them on the head, and snuggles with them during naptime.  She goes ballistic when she sees a duck in any of her picture books.  She requests the books with ducks in them, or displayed on the cover...and points out the duck on every page.  It's hilarious.  (And sortof delightfully strange?) 

(When Tommy took her to the bookstore a couple weeks ago she went insane for some silly little book with a duck on the cover of it.  Apparently our sweet, quiet daughter has a powerful set of vocal chords and can bellow DUCK so loud that the entire store could hear her!  That book is now in our home because she simply couldn't part with it...and it is currently in her daily "must read" pile.  


  1. oh my goodness! she is so precious!!

  2. Who can resist a duck?

  3. That smile warms my heart. And I too love duck. It's delicious!

  4. What a sweet smile she has.

    Does she have a tinge of red in her hair? Pretty!


  5. she's eyes are just wow! beautiful girl :X:X:X:X



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