Thursday, July 5, 2012

internet woes

Truth is...I've sat down to compose a little "hey!  I'm alive!  Life is well and warm and lovely!  I passed my boards!  And my oral license exam!  I got a great job offer!  I'm officially a senior resident...and assistant Chief of my surgical program in fact!"

Except...our damn internet has been so LAME that it shakes and quakes and never stays on long enough for me to bust a post out.  So frustrating.

So.  As we are trying so desperately to be patient with Time Warner Cable (though we really wish we could just flip them off and go with somebody different)...just know that I miss you...and I hope you are off enjoying every firefly and sparkler the summer brings you!


  1. Wow! So much news! CONGRATULATIONS!

    Can't wait for the details.

  2. oh that sucks. I hope your internet gets it's act together soon.

  3. Kelli just told me you have a blog, so I HAD to check it out! Love it! And, yes...our internet is lame right now, for sure! Definitely makes posting hard!

  4. So proud of you. I knew you'd come out of all those exams at the tip-tip-top! When are you moving to AZ? Where in the state will you be?



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