Sunday, September 30, 2012

coca cola tears

I toured the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta this afternoon.  Coca-Cola is my favorite soda.  Even when I hear stories that a can of coke can erode the lining of my stomach...take the rust off of a penny...and turn a nail into mush...I still drink the stuff occasionally (and love it when I do!)

But get this...

I got all misty eyed walking into the museum.  A museum about soda.  A beverage.  As I was wiping tears away I kept thinking:  "what the #&$@ is wrong with you?!  THIS IS A SODA!  Pull it together!"  I continued to have little "moments" throughout the the viewing of international commercials the vault gallery talking about the history of the product...randomly amidst the beautiful displays of historic memorabilia. about pregnancy hormones turning me into an emotional nut job!

the tasting selection from AFRICA!

my FAVORITE of all of the flavors...and yes I tried all 60...this one was from Peru!

The museum has a tasting room which was amazing.  Over 60 different beverages from around the world!  BRILLIANT!   (FYI, my favorite soda flavor was from Peru, called Inca was amazing! And the nastiest sickest most disgusting soda I've ever tasted was from Italy, called Beverly.)

The whole thing was such a treat.  Totally recommend the experience.  And I would bet $100 that you don't cry!

 (I also went to the Georgia Aquarium next's the largest aquarium in the world...and extremely awesome - and extremely crazy crowded!  I got emotional there too...during the dolphin show.  But that's not unusual for me...I've never seen a dolphin or whale show that didn't get me choked up.  What a sap.)

fish from the beautiful!
 a sea dragon!


  1. i think i laughed out loud this whole post! glad to hear you're hear you're getting some sites in.

    by the looks of your 20week shot ... you're looking amazing!


  2. So funny. You might be the first person in the history of the world to cry at Coca Cola. ;)

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