Tuesday, September 25, 2012

finally...a bump

I'm away from home...living in Georgia for a couple weeks.  So I have no idea how to take a picture and upload it to this blog from my iPhone...obviously I am not exactly tech savvy.  Anyway....

I woke up this morning...got dressed...and FINALLY!  My belly has a baby bump!  I've looked bloated and ummm well extra chubby for the past 20 weeks.  Most people were shocked when I would say I was pregnant...as if my lower abdominal pooch was always extra fluffy or something.  It's been round and full...I assure you.  It's possible these folks were being nice :-)    So I've been in this limbo of looking not exactly pregnant...but being too round to wear normal clothes (since I was 6 weeks pregnant.)

So FINALLY!  I was so excited!  Elated in fact!  I couldn't wait to tell Tommy that my BUMP was prominent enough to be noticed as a bump!!  On all of my dozens of trips to the bathroom I would smile and admire my firm round belly.

Then, one of the pathologists I had just met asked me how far along I was...in front of a group of other male pathologists.  I blushed, said 5 months...and mentally was excited that I look pregnant...hahaha.  Until one of these other doctors let out a huge sigh of relief and said something along the lines of:  I was wondering if she was preggo, but she is in that inbetween stage where it could be a beer belly or a baby

I was bummed.  I thought I was surely past the beer belly stage. 


  1. Wow. Five months already? Time flies!

    How are you liking Georgia?

  2. Nice to have the bump to keep you company.

  3. A beer belly, or a baby? That's a great line! I'm glad it's all out in the open for the guys at least.



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