Monday, October 1, 2012

belly shots + pregnant thoughts

I am 21 weeks pregnant!  HOLY COW!?  The time if flying by!  I am already over half way there...he will be here before I know it.  Unlike with Clara, I have hardly captured the visual journey of my baby belly at all!

None the is the belly at 10 weeks and at 20 weeks.  You might not see it again until 30 weeks...since that appears to be my trend this time around. 

10 weeks pregnant!
20 weeks pregnant! (touring an 1800's plantation in Georgia!)
I was reading through some of my old posts from when I was pregnant with Clara.  I had to sleep with a special body pillow to be comfortable at night...I was nauseated 24/7...I couldn't eat anything but biscuits...etc.  This pregnancy feels slightly different.  I was pretty sick for a few weeks...but for the most part I only have food aversions to vegetables (not all food) like before...I sleep soooooo much better this time around (no fancy pillow waking every hour for no reason).  In fact, now that my morning sickness has basically subsided, I tend to forget that I am pregnant.  Does that sound bad?  That sounds bad.  I do notice it when I go to cross my legs and my gigantic stomach is in my way...and when I catch a glimpse of myself walking next to a reflective surface (whoa!)...and when I want a coffee/soda/wine and something clicks in my brain and I go with a water instead.  It's funny.  Oh...or during our drive from New York to Georgia and I had to pee ever 30 minutes...yea...I def remembered that I was pregnant then. 

For the first 18 or so weeks of being pregnant I would have sworn that I was the worst preggo to ever live.  It was so uncomfortable and I was sick of being sick...and I was so exhausted all the time.  I felt like complaining constantly.  And now?  Now I feel like my old self...just a bigger bellied version. 


  1. you look fabulous momma! Glad the nausea has gone away and you're back to feeling like yourself again. Hard to believe you're more than halfway to meeting this little guy.

  2. Is the dearth of pregnancy photos the beginning of the stereotype of the firstborn having tons of photos while later born have substantially less? ;)

    I doubt it. I know you'll photograph the heck out of the boy when he arrives.

  3. you are so beautiful :X waiting for new pics! kiss

  4. Congratulations! Little boys are so much fun!



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