Monday, September 17, 2012

new nursery art

 One of my fave pieces of art in Clara's room is a delightful Peter Pan papercut design by etsy artist,  Tina Tarnoff.  We JUST got our newest Alice in Wonderland design!! So smart they will look side by side!

In browsing some of her new designs, I got all excited after seeing the Wizard of Oz piece!  She also has a few new elegant vintage dress designs and a few new animal designs that are rather superb.

Tommy and I have a couple of her pieces throughout our little home.  I love them. 


  1. Those are really gorgeous! I'll have to go check out her Etsy shop! I bet they'll look great in the nursery!

    The Domestic Geek

  2. I LOVE Alice in Wonderland and especially the Cheshire Cat.



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