Wednesday, October 3, 2012

i accepted a job offer...

the last time I was in AZ I snapped this on my cell...pretty isn't it?

I may have alluded to this in a previous post somewhere along the way...but I GOT A JOB!!!!  Wahoo!!

We've decided to move back to Arizona!

It feels so good to have a direction and a plan right now.  It feels as though a huge weight has been lifted off of our tired shoulders...we can breath...and begin to dream and scheme about this new adventure of ours.

Bring on the burritos and sunshine and cacti and road runners and magnificent sunsets! (and grandparents!)

We are feeling so so so so so blessed....AND JAZZED!

(Contracts have yet to be signed...and I had to hire a contract lawyer to help me navigate the tricky field of complex medical-legal terminology and such....which was ca-razy expensive....but I find that expertise is a necessity in such things.)


  1. Congratulations Jes! You have worked so hard and you should really be proud of yourself!!

  2. wahoo!! good for you!

    cheers to happy moving and another set of memories under your belt :)


  3. Yay! you'll be able to come to flagstaff more! And I can meet your sweet little girl! And bake her a cupcake. :)

  4. Exciting!!! :) Welcome back to AZ! (soon)

  5. Congrats!!! Excited to follow along on all your new adventures!

  6. Yes, you mentioned it once. I have been wondering.

    CONGRATULATIONS! Yay, grandparents!

  7. yay!!! congrats!! i can't wait to see your blog take an arizona turn with your little cozy family. oh, this is exciting!!! you don't really do thing at a time. pack it all in and enjoy it all....and rock it. good luck with moving, being prego, having a kid...and starting a new job! super exciting!! what a fun time in life.

  8. Would love to see you once you move back!!



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