Monday, October 22, 2012

Disappearing act

Outside the hotel conference center.
bone saw workshop - inside the hotel conference center.

I have been somewhat of an invisible presence on this blog these past few weeks.  I haven't just been away from the blog, but I've been away from home to boot!  It has been non stop go go go - living out of suitcases - kissing my loves good bye and eating lots of restaurant food.

toured a pretty plantation in Georgia

watched my belly expand while I was working at the lab those two weeks! (this is 21 weeks!)

Spent a week in Florida on the gulf coast at a surgical conference - the the next weekend I moved to Atlanta for a couple weeks for a training fellowship opportunity - then four days after my return from that my childhood BFF flew to NY and the two of us spent the weekend adventuring in NYC! Now I am exhausted and ready to be a homebody for a while. Fortunately the fun came to us this weekend - as my aunt and uncle from Seattle came to visit for the weekend - and it was so delightful! (pictures from our glorious fall to follow...I promise!)

I love the City.  I just love it.
at Carnegie Deli.  (a little too intense for me...but it was a fun experience none the less!)

All this travel reminded me how fun it was to be free to do whatever. I did a lot of exploring and traveling and adventuring as a single was a blast! And god bless my husband for giving me the opportunity to do these wonderful things recently - what a champ!  No matter how much fun I have on these trips there is never anything so blissful as walking into the arms of my husband and daughter upon my arrival back home. It is the best part of my every work day too. That sigh of relief to know that we are all together... Blessed.

on our road trip...just outside of beautiful.

*On a side note - I made a pumpkin pie milkshake tonight. I wanted to bathe in it is was so good! Tommy thought it was disgusting - hahaha - pumpkin can do no wrong in my book this time of year!


  1. How fun! And girl, you are looking fabulous.

  2. Ahhhhh! Did you make it to Asheville?

    This is my area! I've lived in the mountains of North Georgia and North Carolina.

    Also what Gulf beach were you on? I always say that a home in the mountains and one on a beach in the Florida Panhandle would be the perfect life.



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