Tuesday, November 22, 2011

fall is for family photos

My mom often says that we [her children] are compensating for the fact that there were not many pictures of us as kiddos...hence our strange addiction to having lots and lots of pictures now.  Might be true. Because...really....my sisters and I are constantly snapping pictures (or maybe that is normal for our current culture?  I dunno.)

I will admit, I have had my picture taken more in the last two or three years than probably my entire life put together.  This is stemming from our wedding...there were all of the professional pictures that I was enamored with getting...bridal shots...our engagements session (oh...and more)...and our wedding pictures.  Not to mention engagement parties, a bridal shower, and an amazing bachelorette party.  Then Clara came soon after...with the documentation of belly shots and baby showers.  Now there are periodic family pictures...all to preserve the visual narrative of our journey.

I am obsessed.

But I have to be honest that I am equally obsessed with the photos of my parents and their journey...and my grandparents and their journey.  Pictures that span a lifetime can tell quite a story.  

One of the guys I work with has an unbelievably talented wife, Amanda Bills,...who lives in a neighboring town.  We were able to meet up to capture a few snapshots of us a few weeks back.  We were dodging raindrops and enjoying the crisp autumn cuddle weather. Clara was in a little funk after being awaken from her nap and refused to bust a smile (which Tommy and I thought was hilarious because usually the girl has a smile on that won't come off!)  Smile or no smile...she still is an lil cutiepie.

Needless to say...I love these pictures.  LOVE love them.

The next time we have pictures taken, our little one won't be so little anymore.


  1. Absolutely LOVE the photos...and your hair. : )

  2. You guys are such an adorable family!

  3. Too, too lovely. The colours are stuning x

  4. Look at Clara's booties!

    I think people take more pictures now because it's easier and you can print them youself, send them to family/friends, or put them online. There's more to do with them.

    Last night I was on Flickr looking at photos of different places all over the U.S. I typed in "Snow Bowl, AZ" to see if anyone posted a photo of the overlook I remember there and guess what I found? A wedding photo of you and Tommy kissing in a field!

    I couldn't believe it. Small world.

  5. These are precious! Beautiful, beautiful family.

  6. These are perfect!!! :) Love the autumn background and how sweet Clara looks in her little fall clothes!

  7. beautiful pics...what a lovely family!


  8. You look awesome in yellow. Actually, you look just awesome in general. :)

    Also - I love your husband's plaid shirt, your baby's adorable cheeks, and the outdoor setting of the photos. Gorgeous.


  9. P.S. What brand are your jeans? Cute!




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